Above, accepting the bags from Family Crisis Center Director, Janelle Fortin, is Sargent Jenna Appel with the Spink County Sheriff’s Office. Sargent Appel has recently joined the Family Crisis Center Board of Directors.

by Janelle Fortin | Published in the Redfield Press on September 22, 2021

The Family Crisis Center in Redfield presented the Spink County Sheriff’s Office with several Domestic Violence Survivor Bags to have available in their police cars.  The bags are filled with pamphlets on “Violence in the Family – It’s everyone’s concern”, “Partner Abuse – What you should know”, “Partner Abuse – Help yourself or someone you know”, “Breaking Free from Family Violence”, “Are You in a Healthy Relationship? – Information for adult partners”, and “Is your Relationship Safe?  Keeping Tabs on what’s healthy and what’s not”.  There is a survey to determine if you are in an abusive situation and information on what services the Family Crisis Center offers and lists their 24-hour hotline number of 605-472-0508 for those needing assistance.

A memo book, pack of Kleenex, Family Crisis Center pen, pencil, emery board and lip balm with their name, phone number and e-mail address printed on them, keychain/whistle with contact information, business cards and a purple wristband with “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” imprinted on it are also enclosed.  These items are for victims of abuse that Law Enforcement encounters.  They can get the information for contact at that time or to take with them and have it should they decide to seek help in the future.